Announcing: Go MetaRail NFT Drop #1

Go MetaRail, the , is thrilled to announce our first NFT drop! Go MetaRail Collection #1 will consist of speeding along the Polygon blockchain, providing both utility and value to our holders.

Our NFT collection will be available to mint in early April 2022 and is expected to sell out rapidly. Butfor this event. where all whitelisting qualifications will be described.

Of course, owning your very own shiny Go MetaRail train NFT should be a reward enough — who doesn’t love trains? But there is a lot more to it than a pretty 3D train NFT!

The purchase of just one Go MetaRail train NFT allows entry into our exclusive GMRC, providing insider with all partners in our network. By purchasing NFTs you will join one of these exclusive GMRC levels:

  • Bronze: 1 NFT
  • Silver: 5+ NFTs
  • Gold: 20+ NFTs
  • Diamond: 50+ NFTs

As a GMRC member, you will receive from our partners, which increase at each level!

Here is what you can look forward to:

  • Airdrops
  • Whitelist spots
  • MATIC giveaways
  • In-game NFTs
  • Beta/early access to games
  • Access to cool GMRC merch
  • Exclusive minting windows for future collection releases

None of this takes away from Go MetaRail’s original purpose of being , and our kiosks and gates will be released for travel along our entire network as per the original purpose set out in our Whitepaper.

Go MetaRail needs you all — and everyone you know — in order to get this train up and running! So, while we are drawing maps, building stations, laying tracks, driving spikes, and greasing the wheels of the Go MetaRail engine,

How can you be a part of the fun? for all whitelist details! Soon you will be holding your very own shiny new Details and sneak peaks will be available on , so keep your eyes peeled!


All Aboard, and HAPPY MINTING!

Doe Augustine

Co-Founder and CRO, Go MetaRail



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