Decisions, Decisions — update #1

Photo Credit: Slonme

It’s been a couple of weeks of mayhem here at Go MetaRail HQ!

The search is currently underway for the best logistic partnerships to create for connecting virtual worlds within the metaverse. Is this a massive project? You bet it is, with new worlds emerging all of the time, hype quite literally EVERYWHERE, and a lot of background noise regarding crypto, blockchain and DeFi, the Fed, and the usual fudders crying about the sky falling.

Are we listening? Sure.

Are we worried? No.

It is the very scale and scope of the Go MetaRail project that excites us, and its potential on so many different levels to facilitate not just gaming, but education, finance, entertainment, and broadening of the perspective generally.

And then, well, there’s excitement of laying down tracks through an emerging wilderness. Like Lewis and Clark. Or Captain Kirk. Or like a little someone known as George Stephenson!

Now that our core team is assembled and white paper published, Chris, our CEO, has been in discussion with developers. Naturally, we have a few favorite worlds that we are making approach to. Are there any you would like us to add to our list? If so, please contact us below in the comments, on our website,, or via Twitter, Facebook or Telegram.

It is our hope that as the metaverse evolves, Go MetaRail will be on course to develop the infrastructure needed to facilitate the sort of inter-world travel we envision — a vast array of virtual world choices, seamless transition between platforms, and free currency exchanges.

All Aboard!

Doe — CRO, Go MetaRail





The metaverse travel network and crypto exchange. The Future. Connected.

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Go MetaRail

Go MetaRail

The metaverse travel network and crypto exchange. The Future. Connected.

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