Go MetaRail and CryptoCup Announce Strategic Partnership

Go MetaRail is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with CryptoCup, a Thailand-based private venture capital firm supporting blockchain startups. Crypto Cup has experience partnering with more than 100 startup projects and assisting them to launch successfully. Their aim in financially assisting metaverse projects is to help them build an audience in Thailand, fostering wide blockchain adoption and its potential for economic growth. Go MetaRail is excited to partner with CryptoCup, and we look forward to laying tracks between the many virtual worlds within their client community!

Go MetaRail, the metaverse travel network and crypto exchange, connects the many worlds of the metaverse by building kiosks to allow travel between virtual world platforms without breaking immersion. Cryptocurrency can also be exchanged between worlds without the need for gas fees. Currently in our own private funding round, Go MetaRail is poised to become a key player in facilitating inter-world connection within the metaverse.

Go MetaRail

Crypto Cup

Doe Augustine, Editor & CRO — pr@gometarail.com



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