Go MetaRail and Infinity Void Announce Strategic Partnership

metaverse partnership between Go MetaRail and Infinity Void virtual world

PRESS RELEASE: Go MetaRail, the metaverse travel network, announces a strategic partnership with Infinity Void, an exciting virtual world built for VR.

Go MetaRail aims to connect the many virtual worlds of the metaverse by building gates that allow metaverse users to travel from one virtual world to another without breaking immersion. Cryptocurrency can also be simultaneously exchanged without the need for gas fees.

Infinity Void is a Virtual World with its own economy that provides Virtual Land ownership. It’s a place where people can earn money, build, abide, live, experience, interact and so much more from the comfort of their physical homes. The vision is long-term and monumental, and we feel the introduction of Infinity Void® represents the birth of the world’s virtual timeline.

More info and social links below:

About Infinity Void

Backed by Delhi-based Vardhman Plazas Group Entity, this metaverse project is stunningly gorgeous and expanding rapidly. Vardhman Plazas, Delhi’s premier developer of multiplex commercial spaces, is investing $3 million over the next 5 years in the creation of a shiny new world, taking their experience in 3D and savvy for building beautiful spaces in the real world right into the metaverse. Read the press release here.

With a strong focus on super-realistic graphics and world building, Infinity Void will provide exciting and new social, entertainment, gaming and retail experiences in our future. NFT Land sales have already commenced, and parcels in several luxury ranges are being successfully marketed on OpenSea.

About Go MetaRail

The team at Go MetaRail believes that travel through the metaverse should be an enjoyable experience that maintains immersion for users, ushering in a steady flow of visitors to each virtual world that contains a Go MetaRail Kiosk. Go MetaRail is not a virtual world itself, but a digital go-between facilitating the interconnection of different metaverse platforms.

Additionally, each Go MetaRail Kiosk will provide a simple way to convert a traveler’s current cryptocurrency into the cryptocurrency needed at their destination. This will enable seamless travel between worlds and ease entry from one platform to another, thus encouraging commercial growth across the metaverse. Read the White Paper here.

Go MetaRail

Infinity Void




The metaverse travel network and crypto exchange. The Future. Connected.

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Go MetaRail

Go MetaRail

The metaverse travel network and crypto exchange. The Future. Connected.

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