Go MetaRail and Interverse Announce Strategic Partnership

Go MetaRail partners Interverse

Tuesday May 3, 2022, Houston: Go MetaRail, the metaverse travel and exchange network, is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Interverse, the creators of intelligent and interactive virtual avatars bringing both life and fun into the metaverse. Interverse has launched the world’s first Talk-to-Earn system, whereby one can earn simply by talking and interacting with characters during their metaverse adventures.

Interverse Creator Studio is a “no-code” technology, which opens the door for everyone from casual metaverse users to influencers, metaverse builders and NFT enthusiasts to create their very own fun and interactive virtual characters in a few simple clicks. The mission of Interverse is to make every visit to the metaverse feel unique, exciting and engaging by helping metaverse creators populate their virtual worlds with intelligent Non-Player Characters (iNPC).

We here at GMR are full of ideas about how we will use Interverse voice-enabled iNPCs in our kiosks, unleashing the potential to make each Go MetaRail journey throughout the larger metaverse as immersive and entertaining as it should be!

Go MetaRail remains committed to our vision of bridging the many hundreds — and potentially thousands — of virtual worlds within the metaverse. To that end, we are minting our first NFT train collection on May 14, 2022, each of which includes membership in the exclusive Go MetaRail Club (GMRC), providing free metaverse perks from all of our present and future partners. We welcome Interverse as our strategic partner, and look forward to populating the metaverse together!

Who’s ready to board the train?

Doe Augustine

Co-Founder and CRO, Go MetaRail

contact: pr@gometarail.com

*Join our Discord channel for NFT drops and giveaways, and for all details of our impending sale — Remember: The best time to board the train is before it starts moving!

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