Go MetaRail and NetherLords Announce Strategic Partnership

Go MetaRail partners NetherLords

May 4, 2022, Houston: Go MetaRail, the metaverse travel and exchange network, announces a new strategic partnership with NetherLords, the exciting and innovative fantasy MMORPG game opening its gates in the metaverse!

The NetherLords ecosystem is based around mythical Arandor, a world of swashbuckling action and dark fantasy designed with the best classic RPGs in mind. Apart from the fantastical landscapes, dragons, castles and rich lore, the possibilities for in-game monetisation and passive income via multiple in-game NFT items is truly impressive.

NetherLords consists of three primary parts: a Building Editor, a Marketplace, and the Game itself, which together form an ecosystem for both players and creators. Players may easily create and upgrade their avatars, forge 3-D items for use or auction within the game, complete missions alone or in guilds with rewards in the form of gold, weapons and more.

Virtual tokens (ERC-4610 standard) that represent tangible parcels of The NetherLords Metaverse are known as LANDS, which players can stake in the metaverse and host their own content, develop or commercialise by way of mining, farming or even via ‘in-game’ games. All of The NetherLords revolves around NETH, their utility token built on the Avalanche blockchain, which may be staked for passive revenues, or used in a number of ways throughout the decentralised game economy.

Go MetaRail can hardly wait to install our kiosks and tunnels, inviting players into this exciting and impressive metaverse world! We feel certain that NetherLords will become a popular destination on the Go MetaRail network. Just imagine the perks we will negotiate for our Go MetaRail Club (GMRC) members!

Don’t forget — we are minting our first NFT trains Saturday May 14, 2022… each includes membership in GMRC.

Welcome aboard, NetherLords. Strap on your armour, and fill your wallet with trains — we’re going on a dark adventure!

Doe Augustine, CRO, Go MetaRail

contact: pr@gometarail.com

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