Go MetaRail and Tanks! For Playing Announce Strategic Partnership

April 8, 2022, Houston: Go MetaRail, the metaverse travel and exchange network, is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Tanks! For Playing. Australian-based Tanks! For Playing is a turn-based multiplayer online blockchain game involving cooperation, planning, strategy, and ultimately betrayal. Tanks! For Playing is a pioneer in the social crypto gaming space, and we couldn’t be more pleased to add them to our network.

What sets Tanks! apart is its tournament structure. Importantly, this is not a “Pay to Win” game. This is a “Pay to Play” strategy game, with the potential to win dependent upon more many more factors than simple investment. Funding for the prize pool increases as the game progresses, and the last tank standing wins. Tanks! can be played entirely on-chain (Web3) or off-chain on a managed server (Web2), and games can last anywhere from half an hour to weeks, providing a gaming experience that is immersive in proportion to each player’s circumstances, desire and ability.

Tanks! For Playing is powered by the newly released game token $TANKS, which boasts a fixed deflationary supply, thus ensuring the value of in-game currency.

Go MetaRail remains committed to our vision of bridging the many hundreds — and potentially thousands — of virtual worlds within the metaverse. As this technological wilderness continues to take shape, platforms like Tanks! For Playing will continue to play a huge part in ensuring the Go MetaRail network is not only utilitarian, but extremely rewarding for all parties connected with us.

We are launching our stunning collection of 5,000 collectible and utility NFTs at the end of April. These NFTs will serve two primary purposes:

  1. They will provide a revenue stream for us to continue building as we seek to secure VC and seed funding. In due time and with eventual release of our GOMETA coin in accordance with SEC rules, our kiosks and gates will be built for travel along our entire network as per the original purpose set out in our Whitepaper.
  2. Our NFTs will reward our thousands of loyal supporters*, some of whom have been with us from the very inception of our company, and who continue to be a positive force among the Go MetaRail community. Holders of our Go MetaRail NFT Trains will become members of our exclusive Go MetaRail Club (GMRC), and will receive a lifetime of rewards from our future partners!

Already, our alliance with Tanks! For Playing is reaping dividendsTanks! For Playing is providing our GMRC members spots in their high reward tournaments! We look forward to a long and profitable future with Tanks! on our network.

Who’s ready to roll with us into the future?

Doe Augustine

Co-Founder and CRO, Go MetaRail

contact: pr@gometarail.com

*Join our Discord channel for NFT drops and giveaways, and for all details of our impending sale — Remember: The best time to board the train is before it rumbles out of the station!

Go MetaRail

Tanks! For Playing



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