Welcome Aboard, Ben Gothard!

Houston, April 4, 2022: Go MetaRail, the metaverse travel and exchange network, is thrilled to announce that it has secured Ben Gothard as Strategic Partnerships Advisor. Ben is very well known in the metaverse and crypto gaming space, and has been featured in various reputable sources across the web, including The Huffington Post, Disrupt Digital, Kinja, The Maroon, The Advocate, and was listed in the 2019 Top 100 People In Finance.

Gothard describes himself as a metaverse builder, investor, entrepreneur, writer and podcaster. He is both founder and Podcast Host of Crypto Gaming Institute, which he started in order to showcase the leaders of the crypto gaming world including game makers, entrepreneurs, developers, investors, experts, influencers and more. He is also podcast host for Decentral Games, the #1 crypto gaming project by revenue generation in the metaverse.

Ben’s list of credentials in the metaverse and crypto gaming industry is truly impressive! We here at Go MetaRail are so pleased to be able to tap into his connections and business acumen, which is helping us build up and out into the metaverse! Few people in this space are more well connected, and we look forward to reaching new heights with Ben as our Strategic Partnerships Advisor. He will be an integral part of helping Go MetaRail connect the many competing virtual worlds of the metaverse, ensuring our smooth journey into the future.

Check out Ben’s entire bio in LinkedIn.

Doe Augustine,

CRO, Editor, Go MetaRail




The metaverse travel network and crypto exchange. The Future. Connected.

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The metaverse travel network and crypto exchange. The Future. Connected.

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