Welcome Aboard, Blake Hackney!

Houston, Mar 7, 2022 — Today, Go MetaRail, the metaverse travel network and crypto exchange, announces the appointment of Blake Hackney as Business Advisor. Blake brings with him nearly 3 decades of experience in the restaurant industry, serving many years as Director of Operations for Chart House, and later as Area Manager for Pappas Restaurants in Houston.

Though new to the blockchain and crypto space, Blake’s solid sales experience in growing some of the most successful restaurant chains in the country are highly valued. His meticulous organizational skills are much welcomed by our founders and the entire entrepreneurial team. He will help facilitate the legal and financial needs of Go MetaRail, serve as a calm head in this fast moving and sometimes volatile space, and most importantly, Blake will keep us all sitting on the right side of both the IRS and the SEC on into our future.

Go MetaRail is currently in the midst of pre-seed funding. It is at this time in particular that Blake’s financial expertise will be of huge help in getting our train on the tracks to success. We know we have a massive job ahead of us, but remain undaunted in our aim to successfully connect the growing list of virtual world platforms, making it easier and more cost effective to travel, play, engage, and earn within the metaverse as a whole.

Welcome aboard, Blake! Check out his LinkedIn profile here.



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