Welcome, Charity Haynes!

Charity Haynes, Marketing Advisor

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 — Houston: Go MetaRail, the metaverse travel and exchange network, is pleased to announce that they have brought on board Charity Haynes as Marketing Advisor. Charity is founder and CEO of Haynes Gourmet, a fast-growing and successful UK-based food company producing and selling candied jalapeno products throughout Europe and Asia.

Though Charity is relatively new to the crypto/NFT space, she is no stranger to shouts and subtleties of social media. Ms. Haynes personally heads up and oversees all marketing, branding and socials for Haynes Gourmet, and has in four years managed to parley her cottage business into a successful 6-figure company that is now England’s household name for high-quality, sweet and spicy condiments.

We are pleased to welcome Charity Haynes into the Go MetaRail family, and look forward to her keeping a sharp eye on social trends, marketing campaigns, and all the gears and levers involved in the social media space. We feel confident that with Ms. Haynes in the driver’s seat of our marketing team, we have nowhere to go but up!

Welcome Charity! Here’s to sharing our sweet and spicy journey into the future!

Doe Augustine

Chief Research Officer

Go MetaRail

Contact: pr@gometarail.com



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